Megaphonic FM

Today, after a fair amount of sweat, we have launched Megaphonic FM, a network of fancy little podcasts. I'm involved, in some way, with all of them, but I'm still producing It’s Just A Show, and now I co-host You’re Not Funny. That's a show in which I talk about comedy with Adam, who has actually done standup and whatnot, and I try to actually push myself to doing some comedy, publicly, instead of just thinking about it and wonder if I could.

I'm also the guest on the first episode of This Is Your Mixtape, where I pick five songs from different stages of my life and talk about them. I’m pretty happy with how the interview came out.

There are more podcasts on the network (well, one more, for now: click on the link to find out about it). I’m super excited to have a platform to explore what this medium can do, and to work with others to help them develop their ideas. Stay tuned. Or, rather, subscribe. That way new ideas can land in your podcast app of choice. It’s nice.