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eth press is a parascholarly poetry press interested in publishing innovative poetry that is inspired by, adapted from, or otherwise inhabited by medieval texts. It is an imprint of punctum books.

eth [ð] is a letter that was once part of the English alphabet, which lives on in other alphabets (Icelandic, Faroese, the International Phonetic Alphabet). It is a reminder of a piece of language (a technology of expression) that English cast aside. It marks a sound that is rare in other languages, that causes trouble when others try to learn it. We are interested in the possibilities of poetries written under this sign.

David Hadbawnik, Chris Piuma, Lisa Ampleman, and Dan Remein were the editors of eth press. The press has suspended publication as of 2018. Pattie McCarthy’s two recent chapbooks, qweyne wifthing and margerykempething, can still be ordered below while supplies last. Our books can be ordered through punctum following the links below.


(Prices are in Canadian dollars, and chapbooks are shipped from Canada.)


All eth books can be ordered through punctum books (or your bookseller of choice).