We interview Derek Bolt

The Mikeystrong crew went to Washington, DC, to watch Mikey's friend Derek Bolt as he entered his first bodybuilding competition! The video comes in three parts:

Before the competition:

During the competition:

And after the competition:

The middle one is a Mikeybit, so it was filmed and edited by Mikey himself, but the others I directed. It was our first time doing an interview. I'm pretty happy with how they came out, although I'm already racing with ideas for how we'll do it better next time. (Making sure we have a second lav mic, for sure!)

Yelling at dinosaurs

In the latest episode of It's Just A ShowFuture War kicks off Beth and Adam’s discussion of revivals, rad 90s dinosaurs, dad movies, secret Christians, and other strange animals.

I agree with every complaint Beth and Adam lodge against this episode (especially the weak host segments and the awful body-shaming jokes), but if you ignore those bits, I kinda liked this episode. I liked the rest of the riffing. Still, their take is interesting.