Murder Ballads

Murder Ballads by David John Brennan came out today from punctum. I designed the interior and the cover, based on a section of the first edition of Lyrical Ballads. The book is a very creative work of criticism, mixing scholarly writing with short poetic plays, novelistic scenes, and other modes in order to get at the question of authorship in Lyrical Ballads. The interior design reflects this salmagundi approach, with sections in a very modern style and other sections straight from the 1798 rulebook.


Two companion books by artist Marina Zurcow came out from punctum today. More&More (The Invisible Ocean) is the catalogue and companion essay to her current show; I did some light editing for that book. More&More (A Guide to the Harmonized System) I was much more deeply involved with. It's an alphabetical list of the codes used to ship various projects in container vessels, with a small number of micro-essays scattered throughout. I designed the interior of that book, and write a few of the micro-essays. It's a fun brick of a book.